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Are you putting Hygiene First in your school?

Our hygiene vending machines are a great way to offer your students hygiene essentials at any time.

Do schools still use showers?
The school district eventually backed down and dumped its mandatory shower policy. In California, mandatory showers vanished after the legendary Proposition 13 slashed school funding in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and campuses stopped providing clean towels to students.

If the schools remove showers, what are they replacing them with?

Hygiene First is a great way to re-introduce good hygiene back into your school by partnering with us. We offer onsite workshops or virtual e-courses.
* Female Hygiene (menstrual)
* Male Hygiene (puberty)
* LGBTQ (nonbinary)
Our workshops also include a donated Hygiene First vending machine (if you license our workshops or courses for a minimum of two years), and 100 hygiene bags (50 girls, and 50 boys).

We also service the following:
* Homeless/Transitional Shelters
* Community / Sport Arenas
* Businesses
* Non-Profits
* Global Speaking Engagements

Contact Us Today:
(949) 872-7305

Animo City of Champions Charter School- Inglewood, CA

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