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What Students Are Saying About Us

Female Student - 10th Grade

This was a really good explanation about how hygiene & PE works. It really makes me think more about my hygiene.

Male Student - 12th Grade

I fell like a vending machine with hygiene products can really help people with certain things, because you never know what people are going through.

Male Student - 9th Grade

I would like a hygiene vending machine because I want to smell good and look good during class.

Female - 6th Grade

I think a hygiene vending machine will help with our students hygiene here at school.

Female Student - 7th Grade

I love the way she was speaking to the class, and how kind she was.

Female Student - 9th Grade

I started my period at school, and I quickly called my mom. My mom came to pick me up and we stopped by the machine to grab some emergency products. My mom was happy to see this machine and wanted me to say thank you.


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